These are brief answers to questions asked most often - even after a tour of the website!

This page does NOT include obvious questions like "Is the fishing any good?"

If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call.

What is to road from the highway to Wonboyn like?

It is a well-maintained tar/bitumen road.  


Is the park right on the water?

No. It is about 300 meters from the lake.


How far is it to the nearest beach?

The closest beach is Greenglades - 4.5km.


Is the road to the beach bitumen?

No. It is an all-weather National Parks track. Please see photo and other information HERE.


Is swimming in the ocean safe?

The beaches are not patrolled, and there are rips and dumping waves when the surf is up.  On calm days swimming would usually be perfectly safe, but on others it would be plain foolish. Common sense and/or knowledge of the ocean is required.


Are the waves any good for surfing or boogy boarding?

 Good day and bad days. According to surfers it breaks better on the beach on the north of Baycliff. We don't mind bashing about at Greenglades.

 Are there any shops in Wonboyn?

Just us! There are currently no other shops in Wonboyn. We stock essentials including bait & ice, frozen bread & milk and some other snacks at our reception. We also serve gourmet coffee daily. FOr meals, we have a burger van on-site that we know you'll love, you should try it at least one night during your stay.  The opening hours change so it's best to check if it's operating before you arrive. 

The nearest fuel and bottleshop is 10mins drive at Kiah, while the closest supermarket is 25mins at Eden. 


Are pets allowed?  Are they allowed in cabins?

Yes, outside peak periods and pets are allowed in cabins depending on the breed. For further information, please be sure to read BRINGING PETS.


What facilities do you have for babies?

We have a porta-cot, high chair and plastic bath available for babies.


What is there for children to do in the park?

In the park itself the swimming pool is always very popular in summer, as is feeding the birds year round -  and families create their own fun in the form of beach trips & games, picnics, lake swimming, bushwalking etc. In late December, January and at Easter there are always dozens of kids of all ages in the park who ride their bikes and "socialize" with newly met friends. We are working on some idea's for late afternoon/early evening entertainment in the form of karaoke, projected films for the kids and acoustic live music. 


Is linen supplied?

 On request.


What about the water quality? Can I drink it?

Please, find more information HERE.

"Do as you would be done by"

Our attitude is mostly pretty relaxed, and there's nothing we hate more than having to police our guests. Essentially our rules and requests are based on common sense, everyday neighbourly courtesy and environmental awareness, but there are some that are less obvious. To ensure there are no grey areas, we ask that you take a moment to print them out and discuss them with your family and friends.


We have also included a printable page of general information which should prove helpful for first-time visitors.

Still with a question? Get in touch.