We are happy for our guests to have pets at the park outside peak periods, but there are restrictions both in and outside the park you should consider before bringing an animal. Unless you have a boat, it might be more trouble than it's worth.

  • Within the park, owners must ensure that their dogs are with them and under control at ALL times. This means, essentially, that dogs are not to be left behind in the park or in the cabins if you go off somewhere, nor should they be allowed to wander around the park or bark. Owners must also pick up after their pets - not just poo, but bones etc. too!
  • Pets in Cabins will attract a $30 cleaning charge. Very fluffy dogs and cats are not permitted in cabins with carpet.  These are: Cabin 4, Cabin 6 and Cabin 9.
  • Much of the area around Wonboyn is within the Nadgee Nature Reserve where all domestic animals are strictly prohibited and fines for breaches are severe. All local beaches accessible by road are in this nature reserve.  Dogs are permitted on North Beach on the northern side of the entrance, but this is accessible only by boat. This means you cannot take your dog to the beach unless you have a boat.
  • You can only take your dog for walks around the park and the village, and down to the south end of the lake. You can of course take a dog with you in a boat.
  • This is a paralysis tick area. Paralysis ticks can kill your pet, and veterinary treatment for tick poisoning is very costly. If you bring a dog it is essential that you treat it with Frontline, Advantage or similar in advance of your trip.  The recommended treatment for ticks with Frontline is an application every two weeks. (My dog had a paralysis tick in winter 2009 and nearly died, so don't assume winter is safe.)