A wonboyn lake blog

This is the top lake at Wonboyn, taking in the view near Round Hill, the entrance, the beach access path running along Baycliff. The Steps also give access to the lake from the car park for those driving and land-based fishing. The Steps also go across to the beach.

Toward the end of the clip, you can see the main lake and the direction of the village.

This is shot at dusk, in December. A beautiful time of year - and still quiet around the place.

This top lake is great for fishing. Nippers (aka Bass Yabbies) are pumped here and make an easy target for bringing in Whiting, Bream & Flathead. There are ample drop-offs and sand flats. An ideal spot for shallow fishing. If you can catch beach worms and bring them across, you will not fail. Great place to bring the family, SUP board, and campfire lunch.


This clip gives you a bit of an idea where the lake is in relation to the park. 

The footage starts above the residence, and heads over to Myrtle Cove where you can see the jetty & boat ramp. That's about 250-300 meters from the bottom of the park. We hire moorings at the jetty for those wanting to leave their boats in the water for their stay. 
You can see us having a fish in the main lake near Yellow Peg, while Remy waits to have a wakeboard. 

This was filmed in August 2020. We have amazing winters here. The sun is out a lot more than the clouds.

A quick overnight hike for Remy and I. To start the walk, drive along the beach track from Wonboyn Village to Greenglade Beach and start walking along the coast southbound. A beautiful walk, with bushfire recovery in full swing. Quite lush. Merrica is a great spot for a camp and for fishing. This is an excellent beginners hike, as its fairly short and only an hours walk back if there's any issues. You can also walk in from the Rangers station off Old Bridge Rd, which comes off the Wonboyn Rd.