Our rules are reasonable, and mostly a matter of common sense and everyday social courtesy.

Above all, please be considerate of your neighbours and our environment at all times!





  •    We do our best to ensure our park is family-friendly. Drunken and/or generally offensive behaviour such as excessive audible foul language, fighting etc. will not be tolerated in the park at any time.
  •    If you find someone else’s behaviour genuinely intolerable, and/or they do not respond to a polite request to moderate it, please let us know so we can deal with it.



  •    Peace and quiet are very important to the majority of our guests. A general noise curfew is therefore strictly enforced between 10:30 p.m. and and 8 a.m.
  •    Noise levels must be kept at a reasonable level at all times, e.g. no loud music etc.
  •    Please remember when moving around very early or late after fishing that others will be sleeping.



We expect our guests to respect our environment within and outside the park. Please don’t litter the nature reserve, waterways or beautiful beaches. Dispose of all your rubbish thoughtfully, including bait packets, cans and cigarette butts. 

  •   Wheelie bins are located on most levels of the camp area and near the steps of the cabin parking area.
  •   Small green wheelie bins are for general rubbish. Loose rubbish is to be put in bags or wrapped before being placed in the bins – please don’t use empty beer cartons.
  •   Large wheelie bins with a yellow lid are recycle bins for glass and aluminium only.



  •   The behavior and safety of your children is your responsibility at all times.
  •   Pool rules as per signage on the fences must be obeyed. Children who continue to infringe the rules will be asked to leave the pool area after a warning.
  •   Children under 12 years of age using the pool must be supervised by an adult.
  •   Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied to the toilets and showers by an adult.
  •   Please keep children out of the garden beds and away from all demarcated service areas.
  •   Bicycles may not be ridden on concrete paths or in the central cabin area. It is up to parents to ensure their children wear helmets, as required by law. Management will not be held responsible for any injuries resulting from children not wearing helmets.



  •   Dogs must be kept on a lead or tied up, and controlled by their owners at all times.
  •   Pets are not to be left unattended at any time, e.g. left behind when an owner leaves the park.
  •   Owners must ensure pets don't create excess noise which might disturb other guests.
  •   Owners of dogs in cabins are expected to ensure their animals do NOT sleep on the beds.
  •   Guests are advised that animals are not allowed in the Nature Reserve or on the beaches – fines for infringing these rules are substantial.      Dogs are allowed on North Beach, accessible only by boat.
  •   All pet poo is to be picked up and properly disposed of by the animal's owners.



  •   Fish are not to be gutted or scaled anywhere in the park, including in any sinks.  A cleaning table is provided on the jetty at Myrtle Cove. Please wash the cleaning table down after use.
  •   Please be considerate with the disposal of all fishy waste, including old bait and bait packets.
  •   To minimize lingering smells, we respectfully request that cabin guests cook strong smelling fish outside.



  •   Traffic is strictly one way and the maximum speed limit within the park is walking pace – 8 kph.  During holiday periods there are dozens of very young children who often play on the roads in the park – please remember this when you’re driving in or out.


  •   All washing of vehicles/boats must be done in the cabin parking area. Please ask at the office so we can tell you where to park and which hose to use.


  •   Our septic system and plumbing are severely compromised by excess kitchen waste.  Please remove all cooking oils/fats and solid food before washing up, either in the public camp sinks or the cabins.



  •   We are flexible about check in and check out times by prior arrangement during quiet periods, but during peak periods guests are required to:

    –  Check in no earlier than 2 pm, unless previously arranged. 

    –  Check out no later than 10 am during quieter periods,

    –  A half day late surcharge will be enforced for guests not respecting checkout times. 

    –  If you’ll be leaving early, please let us know – it helps when we’re planning our cleaning. 

  •   No refunds will be given for late arrivals or early departures.





  •   Site boundaries are marked with white disks. Everything, including your vehicle, must be laid out within your site's boundaries. If necessary you will be advised where you can park your vehicle -- please do not help yourself to alternative space or parking.
  •   No covering other than shade cloth is permitted on the grassed areas of sites. As far as possible, please try to place vans and tents where there is no grass. Shade cloth for flooring is available from the office.
  •   Ropes must not be attached to park fixtures or trees for any reason, including for use as clotheslines. Please use the clothes hoists provided near the laundry or your own portable drying racks.



  •   The number of people, including children, who will be occupying a site must be advised at the time of booking and adhered to. Please see also Visitors in the Special Rules section.


USE OF AMENITIES & LAUNDRY                                 

  •   The amenities and laundry are cleaned once a day – between cleaning times, please leave facilities as you would wish to find them.
  •   For their protection, and to ensure the proper use of communal facilities, children under 8 years of age must be accompanied to the amenities block by a parent or responsible older sibling.
  •   Our waste system is septic – nothing other than body waste and toilet paper is to enter the system.
  •   Ladies’ sanitary products must not be flushed down the toilets. For the comfort of other guests and our cleaners, please use the bags provided before disposing of products in the bins.



  •   Campers are asked to remove all solid food waste from grey water before dumping it.
  •   Please drain your van sinks into a bucket and spread the water around grass or trees.



  •   Fires are permitted with permission only, and after signing a waiver.  Guests will be advised of fire bans either verbally or via the small blackboard on the toilet block wall. A public sign is also placed outside the shop when a fire ban is in place.
  •   Fires must be lit only in drums provided. They must never be left unattended, and must always be totally extinguished.
  •   Please bring only small, pre-cut lengths of wood into the park. No chopping/sawing of wood is allowed and the burning of overly long logs is not permitted.
  •   If you have unused wood left over when you leave, please stack it neatly at the back of your site or beside a barbecue for someone else’s use.
  •   Fire drums are not to be used for the burning or disposal of rubbish at any time.




It’s important for our guests to be aware that this park operates on rainwater, has limited ablutions, septic tanks, shared water heating facilities in the cabins and a number of other limitations of things you might take for granted elsewhere or in your own home. In order for us to manage our finite resources, some strict rules must be enforced, especially during peak periods. Please make yourselves aware of and abide by them so we can all enjoy your stay.



The fact that our park doesn’t have boom gates doesn’t mean there is free access for the general public or guests’ visitors. We cannot monitor the use and/or abuse of park facilities or the comfort of our other guests if random visitors are coming in and out of the park unannounced; therefore:

  •  Visitors are not permitted to drive into or park within the campsite area at any time. All visitors must report to the office so we are aware of their presence and can direct them appropriately.
  •   No casual day or overnight visitors are permitted either in cabins or on campsites during peak periods without permission from management. Permission for visitors to be in the park will not be granted automatically – we will give it based on factors we determine. Please make arrangements to spend time with your friends outside the park during peak periods.



  •   Management must be advised in advance if occupants of a site or cabin will be bringing more than one vehicle, and whether or not they have a boat, so that parking can be managed.
  •   Please note that additional vehicles or boat trailers will attract a nominal fee if it is necessary to arrange alternative parking behind the shop during peak periods.
  •   Parking on vacant sites is not permitted without prior permission from management.    



  •   All water in the park is either double filtered, UV treated tankwater or specially treated bore water, which means our daily supply is limited.  Accordingly, we request that guests use water thoughtfully at all times. This includes respecting the pool rules.
  •   Taps at caravan and camp sites and the COLD taps in cabin kitchens provide tankwater for drinking. 
  •   Taps marked BORE, unmarked and hot water taps provide treated bore water for general use. This isn’t suitable for drinking.